Does pubg :-made in china ?


PUBG was introduced on 23, March 2017. The developing and Publishing of the game was done by PUBG Corporation which a sub branch or a subsidary company of Bluehole which a south Korea based video game company.
Pubg was designed by Brendan Greene also  known as player unknown and developed by PUBG Corporation. After one year, the Chinese game development company,Tencent,built the mobile versions of the game and published it on both major markets. 


The confusion started when PUBG was banned in China in 2017. This instigated Tencent Games, the computer game publishing unit of Tencent Hodings, a Chinese company to secure the rights of distribution in China. It also planned on developing a mobile version of the sport, and PUBG Mobile came into existence. Now, this is often where it gets tricky. Up until then, PUBG was a computer game. it had been Tencent Games who made a mobile version of PUBG and released it in China. this is often the logic why you'll see the Tencent Games logo as soon as you open the pubg, followed by PUBG Corporation. pubg mobile gradually released worldwide in 2018 and took the market by storm. 

So, PUBG Mobile players will indeed be heartbroken to understand that their favourite mobile game’s origin are often traced back to China.


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